RoofGrip Systems - For safe and controlled access to your roof space.

Roofgrip is specially designed as a roof sheet access walkway system. It protects your roof sheeting from damage when the area is being accessed by maintenance and inspection crews.

Roofgrip has been installed on a wide range of roof sheet profiles by many local and international corporations to protect and control access to their roof areas.

The product is maintenance free and has a extremely long life span. It is self cleaning and remains is top condition without any attention. The fixing method ensures the integrity of the original roof sheet installation.

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Handrail - Aluminium - 2 rail or multi rail system.


Our aluminium handrail system is simple and easy to install. The system consists of standard handrail components and accessories. It may be powder coated to suit special applications or just left mill finished for a long and maintenance free life. Top mount or side mount stanchions may be mounted at various angles and the full range of accessories is available.


Facade Systems - For safe and controlled access to your facade.


Facade Assess is specially designed to be fitted to the external face of aluminium and glass facades. It allows accessed for cleaning, maintenance and inspection crews.


The product is maintenance free and has a extremely long life span. It is light weight and by design is self cleaning and will remain is top condition without any attention.


Facade walkways can be mounted both internally or externally. The walkway can be mounted on existing facade structure or we can design a purpose made sub structure. All designs will be undertaken by structural engineers and will carry design certification.


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 Ampligrip Floor Grating - Expanded Aluminium Floor Grating 


Ampligrip is the brand name of our rust free, light weight expanded aluminium floor grating.


Ampligrip is ideally suited to any project requiring floor grating. Our in house technical team can assist you with any engineering requirements. Ampligrip can combine with aluminium or galvanised steel sub frames to ensure a long term, maintenance free access solution.

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